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Estudos de casos do Windows Intune
Credit Union Reduces PC Management Time by 90 Percent with Cloud-Based Solution
Nome da empresa: Sno Falls Credit Union
RegiÃo: United States
Setor: Financial Services Industry

"Windows Intune replaces Sno Falls' antivirus and update software—and you can configure everything from a single, web-based console. I'd recommend this solution in a heartbeat."
-Brandon Comouche, IT Administrator

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IT Firm Offers Advanced PC Management Services, Expects $10 Million in New Revenue
Nome da empresa: Enfo Zipper
RegiÃo: Sweden
Setor: IT Services

"We can sell Windows Intune subscriptions and earn predictable, recurring streams of revenue. What's not to love about that?"
-Anders Grönlund Alliance Manager, ENFO ZIPPER

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Workforce Solutions Firm Anticipates Rapid ROI Using Cloud-Based PC Management
Nome da empresa: Cybershift
RegiÃo: United States
Industry: IT Services

"When I brought this solution to my CEO, his eyes lit up. He instantly recognized how we could save costs, time, and resources by deploying both Windows Intune and Windows 7 Enterprise. Employees can work more efficiently, and I can manage and better protect PCs faster and easier than before. That's truly a win-win for everyone."
- Fred Beyer, Infrastructure & IT Support Manager

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International Architectural Firm Adopts Cloud Solution for Managing Computers
Nome da empresa: RHWL Architects  
RegiÃo: United Kingdom  
Setor: Architectural Services  

"Windows Intune brings many administrative tasks under one roof. For organizations like ours, this makes desktop management much more straightforward."
-Dave Allerton, IT Director, RHWL Architects

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IT Firm Predicts 30 Percent Efficiency Gain with Cloud-Based PC Management Solution
Nome da empresa: Fully Managed  
RegiÃo: Canada  
Setor: Construction; Other Services, Repair & Maintenance

"Thanks to Windows Intune, we're getting 50 percent fewer service calls from our mobile workforce."
- Brandon McLeod Vice President of Operations,
Angel Restoration

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